Jill of all trades

I have been knitting and purling like a fiendish granny.

As predicted, I’ve spent more Danish monopoly money on yarn and needles.  But to be fair, I was getting awfully tired of my orange practice yarn.  I even have a basket, complete with handles, to put everything in (though I already had that).  And as an end result, I have a lovely, woolly…..orange square.  But… I ‘cast on’, I knitted, I purled, I ‘cast off’–all by myself–just to make my groovy little orange square.  It is not quite big enough to be a coaster and really will serve no purpose other than as an illustration of how ‘you tube’ videos really can teach anyone anything.

So am I a knitter now?  I don’t know.  Like the other 752,345 people that just started knitting, I am working on that true beginner’s project, the scarf.

And this is the point where I usually get stuck.  I go hellbent for leather, (or in this case, wool), all gung ho, full steam ahead, and then….well, you know that sound a balloon makes when it is loosing air rapidly?  That.  To serve as an illustration:  We traveled to Norway this year, and my children frolicked along the banks of the fjords looking for sea glass.  And they found lots of it.   We displayed some, I used pieces in some kid art.  We gave some away.  And I still had a ton of it left over.  Now, since moving to Copenhagen, I have made a friend who makes beautiful jewelry.  So I thought, well hey, I’ll make some sea glass necklaces.  And I did, and they turned out pretty good.  So then I made a few more necklaces and hey, they turned out okay too.  I have a bit of a necklace fetish to begin with, so the last thing I need is more necklaces.  But I made a few necklaces.  I felt like I could answer ‘yes’ to the question ‘can you make a necklace?’.  But am I a jewelry maker?  No.  Will I get to the point where I can answer ‘yes’ to the question, “Can you knit?”  Probably.  Am I a knitter?  You tell me.

What are the qualifications?  What’s the difference between proficiency and ability and being able to legitimately call yourself a ‘knitter’–or a jeweler, a photographer, a baker?

I have been working on my letter photography.  I have bought heaps of scrap paper to make my own stationary.  I am moving into the sickly sweet world of fondant icing to make my cakes look a bit more ‘polished’.  And I am knitting a scarf.  All good stuff, but nothing major.  Nothing out of this world.  Nothing that would make me call myself a jeweler or a knitter or a baker.  And this is where I am left, holding my little orange square.

I am Jill of all trades.  Master of none.

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  1. Louise says:

    Dina. Fantastic I think it must have been my hands off teaching style …You are a knitter when you a) cannot pass up a skein of beautiful yarn b) you see something knitted and want to work out how it was made c) you find yourself immersed in the process of knitting, and are less concerned with the finished product


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