Lost in Translation

I am in a funk.  Mired in moroseness, entangled in ennui.  I think I have post election blues.  All that energy and worry and eyes closed oh-god-what’s-going-to-happen and pfft…….you wake up in the morning and it’s done and dusted.  So in light of my general malaise, I thought I would try something a little different with this post.   More pictures, less words.

Danish is one of those languages where the words are long and consist of large groups of consonants squished together making them practically unpronounceable to the 6.95 billion non-Danes of the world.  Even when a native Danish speaker talks, it’s almost impossible to reconcile what is coming out of their mouth with the way the words look on the page.  A bit like the adults speaking in the old Charlie Brown cartoons.  (The common joke is that Danes speak as if they have a potato in their throat).  Perhaps that is why they are so big on signs.  There is a sign for everything here.  What to do, what not to do, what you shouldn’t even think about doing, what you will be fined a million Kroner for attempting to do.  The Danes have embraced pictorial representation in a BIG way.

I have been snapping pictures of signs since we’ve been here and many of you  have probably seen some on Facebook.  There is also a category at the top of the blog page called Signed, Sealed and Delivered where I plonk some pictures with my own (I can only hope witty) ‘translations’.  But I though it might be fun to list a few of my favorites here as well.   Enjoy!

Don’t even think about aerobicizing in this spot
This path is for adults, children and croissants. Maybe jumbo shrimp.
Sex ed for dummies
You don’t bring me flowers.  You don’t sing me love songs…

Unfortunately, the ‘bunny hop’ isn’t allowed here
(in the name of love)
You just had to go and do it, didn’t you??
I told you the Danes were hardcore
Upsete…it’s not just a feeling
Mad Men Crossing
Back away from the balance beam
For your entertainment…pole dancing is encouraged