Sign Language

In November, I published a post called Lost in Translation which paid homage to the quirky, often head-scratching signs I have spotted in Denmark and surrounds.  My family is in on the game now, and even some friends, who e-mail me snapshots of confusing, humorous, or just downright weird signs.  In a spoken language that doesn’t pronounce a double ‘g‘, yet pronounces a double ‘k‘ as ‘g‘, where a ‘d‘ that follows an ‘a‘ is pronounced as an ‘l‘ and an ending ‘et‘ is also pronounced as an ‘l‘, but an ‘l‘ is not pronounced, pictorial representation is important.  Below is the 2nd installment of Signed, Sealed, and Delivered.  Enjoy!

Don’t Fight the Power
Tempting as it may be, don’t throw your children to the wolves
No animal sacrifices allowed here
Wicked Witch Zone. No water throwing. Danger of witch melting


No Self Tanning
In case it wasn’t obvious, bowling is forbidden on top of the elevator
Dirty Old Man
Relax. Your flight will most likely be delayed anyway.
Finally an answer to the age old question: How many Gods can you fit into an elevator?
No gas

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