The Best Day of My Life

Seemed fitting to repost this one today. Another year, another round of best days.

Wine and Cheese (Doodles)

IMG_1341 This month marks our 12th wedding anniversary.

Any anniversary causes you to pause and reflect, to look back, take stock.  Wedding anniversaries are no different.  What stands out in my memory about that evening 12 years ago, surrounded by a panoramic view of my beloved New York City, was that everyone seemed to be having a wonderful time.  In that sense, our wedding was a spectacular success.   The happy bar-tending staff triumphantly presented my brand new husband and me with the last bottle of wine in the house, informing us that, to the great chagrin of the management, we had managed to drink the bar dry.  As you can imagine, it was a merry evening.

But was it, as love songs and chick flicks and flowery iambic pentameter would have you believe, the best day of my life?


Our wedding took a village.  Many of our wedding gifts…

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