Also Known As

mVRkuzuKnown aliases include:

Rescinder of allowances,

Gatekeeper of screen time,

Architect of misery.

Also known as

Enforcer of arbitrary and unfair rules,

Callous denier of fun and

Quasher of dreams.

Has been known to answer to

Withholder of Minecraft,

Ignorer of pleas or

Denier of ice cream

Otherwise goes by

Forsaker of all that is good and fun in the world

Revoker of privileges and at times,

Forbidder of 6th consecutive donut.


Naysayer, No-Machine, No-goer, Nyet maker, Never lover, Over-my-dead-body threatener;

3 time Global recipient of worst maternal parent

1 time Universal recipient of worst maternal parent

Also Known As


6 thoughts on “Also Known As

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  1. Withholder of Minecraft is like “Jane Doe” among mom aliases, it seems. We all have that somewhere on our records.


  2. In my house, I’m the “never let-er”, as in I never let them do anything (nevermind they are usually doing something while accusing me of this).


    1. Never-let-er, that’s excellent! One time I stood in front of the whole family and confessed to them finding me out. That it was my sole goal in life to make all their lives as miserable as possible. I think they sort of believed it….


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