Smells Like Teen Spirit

I had the privilege of being included in this great series at Andrea Reads America yesterday. There are some gorgeous slices of Americana over there that are definitely worth the time to read. Enjoy!

Andrea Reads America

Map: Massachusetts, setting of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" creative nonfiction by Dina Honour on Andrea Reads America Map: Massachusetts, setting of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Dina Honour

This is a guest post from Dina Honour who contributed in response to the American Vignette call for submissions. “Smells Like Teen Spirit” first appeared under the same name on Wine and Cheese (Doodles) in October, 2013. The setting is Massachussetts. Enjoy!

Autumn brings a whiff of homesickness. A scent of smoke and leaf color and longing and nostalgia. I forever miss the vibrancy of the New England autumns I grew up with. Even in New York fall was muted. Outside of the Northeast, it is like watching the season unfold through nearsighted eyes; but travel to New England in October and it is as if a myopic veil has been lifted. The colors are sharper, more intense, there are more of them. I miss my father stockpiling firewood and boxes of kindling for the stove. I miss…

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  1. Avril Schofield says:

    ooh, no pressure, but I can’t wait till you’re book is available in print in my sticky hands!


  2. Avril Schofield says:

    Aargh! ‘your’ not you’re! Forgive my hasty writing!


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