Is This Seat Taken?

Two years later the only thing that’s changed is that my ass is a little bit bigger. There’s still no room up there for Danes, however.

Wine and Cheese (Doodles)

People assume that it’s the big issues about living abroad that throw you for a loop: language barriers, cultural differences, whether or not to take your shoes off upon entering someone’s house. More often than not though, it’s the little things that get under your skin and niggle away until they fester and sore and threaten to undermine your life. For me, it’s a general disregard for lining up in an orderly fashion and the intrusion upon my personal space. What my sister calls ‘the bubble’. I come from the land of plenty. We have things big-sky country, The Grand Canyon, grilled meat the size of Texas; McMansions and all you can eat buffets. Big hair, big teeth, big bucks. We like our space, supersized if you please. Here in this land of vikings and Hamlet, however, it seems that I am always in someone’s way.  Now, in case you’ve…

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2 thoughts on “Is This Seat Taken?

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  1. Love this post! I I thought for sure it was just me! I am ALWAYS in the way here in Italy. No matter what manner of forethought I have put into my shopping, walking, biking, driving. I laugh at it now (mostly), but man that was a learning curve. ha!


    1. Lol, not just you! I guess it doesn’t surprise me as much with Italians (Mwah!Mwah!Lovers! Let me hug you!) as it does with the Danes (Grrr! Viking! Stay away!). In any case, it drives me nuts! Still!

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