A Word to the Wise

As I’m flying solo tomorrow, seemed like a good time to share this one again. Never underestimate the power of good grammar, naked photos, or letting the person with fewer items than you go first in line.

Wine and Cheese (Doodles)

QueenSnowWhiteOccasionally I am beset with fears that I will die suddenly.  Apart from the obvious fear of not being around to supervise the day-to-day functioning of my family, the inconvenience my sudden demise would cause them, and the nagging worry that some lithe, blonde creature would step up and take my place, there are lots of less obvious things about dying suddenly that worry me as well.  I worry that my children will continue to chew with their mouths open.  (Obviously this takes a very long time to teach as I have been repeating myself for years now to no avail).  What if I die before they learn how to tell a joke properly?  What if my lessons in irony vs. sarcasm are cut short?  What if there is no one around to reinforce the fact that it is pronounced zee-bra and not zeb-ra?  Though I have no doubt…

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