A Day in my Head

venice-poloSometimes it’s like bumper cars in my head. Like a fart, those random thoughts are usually better out than in.

People seem to be confusing the phrase ‘politically correct’ with the word ‘humanity’ and sometimes ‘intelligent’.

Politically correct is using the phrase African-American or black instead of a racial epithet like coon. Or not saying retarded. Sometimes it’s extending a bit of understanding to a historically oppressed minority.

Politically correct is not assuming that your way is the bestest most awesomely epic way and all other ways suck and fuck you, you Muslim terrorist. And then chanting U.S.A!

Re: above, I’m not sure what that is.

Find me a Trump supporter who doesn’t believe that only white people should be allowed to own guns and I’ll show you a bridge that’s for sale.

What do you think would happen if three young black men walked down the street with guns in a state with open carry laws?

Who the hell wants to go back to a time when people were freely calling other people horrible names and discriminating against them openly, you know that time before that pesky politically correct agenda was pushed to correct some imbalances?

Why are men so afraid of my body? Why does what happens in my bed, between my legs and in my reproductive organs scare the bejesus out of them?

(Psst…vagina dentata doesn’t really exist….or does it? Bwa ha ha ha ha)


I don’t care who you do or don’t have sex with. You know who I care who is or isn’t having sex? My husband.

It’s all fun and games till the mob turns on you.

When did liberal and/or educated become something people use as an insult. And, am I supposed to be insulted?

When did the US adopt irony as its national pastime?

Have we really not got over this breastfeeding thing? Really?

Caitlyn Jenner can be a spokesperson for the trans community, but she doesn’t get to spout off about women’s rights or lack thereof for the 60 odd years she enjoyed the white, male privilege she was afforded.

Why are so many white men so angry? And why do we think it’s a good idea for such angry white men to have such easy access to guns?

We need more insane people on the left. No, we need a Buffy the GOP/NRA slayer. That’ll teach them. Into every generation is born…

More guns in schools is going to lead to more shootings in school.

When you have to advise college professors on the best way not to rile up their class because, you know…guns? That’s kind of fucked up.

If the whole idea of having more guns in school is to keep school safer, doesn’t that defeat the point?

See: Irony above.

What exactly do conservatives want to ‘conserve’?

A ‘liberal’ actually allows a conservative to live, breath and vote the way of their choosing. How about them apples?

I actually have Republican friends (I swear!) I feel bad for them this year. Because, you know.

Conservative used to mean averse to risk. Now it seems to mean white.

My husband now looks at me when I talk about politics with the same glassy-eyed look I get when my kids talk about Nerf guns.

mmGYVbodit4_VBuGGDmqyaAMy mother told me when she reads the news in Europe she worries about my safety. And I said, “I get it, because I read the news in the US and worry about you getting shot.”

How is getting blown up by a terrorist any worse than getting shot by a gun? Dead is dead. Does it matter if it was a disgruntled father who shoots up his house or a white supremacist who shoots up a church or a kid who shoots up a school or a terrorist who blows up a plane? Is one reason for killing someone better than another?

Does a subjectively interpreted amendment make one killing better than another?

Does the fact that I know how to used the word subjective correctly make me a liberal, and if so, should I be insulted?

How does calling for closed borders after an incident in another country but not calling for tighter gun legislation make any sense whatsoever?

See: Dead is Dead above

Christian fundamentalism is no different from Islamic fundamentalism. One is just better at killing people. For now.

See: History

Some people really are too stupid to be trusted to make decisions. But I’m not going to take away their right to be stupid.

See: Liberal above.


26 thoughts on “A Day in my Head

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  1. I just had the same exchange with my mother (I’m in France, she’s in the U.S.) about her being worried that I’m in Europe and me being worried that everyone I love is going to get shot in the U.S.


  2. The news was on as I read this. Ted Cruz was whining about Obama being Politically
    Correct. You really nailed it with this one.

    And I’m never going to make you mad.


    1. I keep reading how angry people were that he was in Cuba when the Brussels attack happened. As if, how dare he try to mend broken fences elsewhere when terrorists attacked….another country and how dare he not jump back on a plane and then go drop some bombs. This man, poised and educated and even-tempered, who has managed to get through 8 years of American presidency with a tantrum showing congress, with not even a whiff of a scandal around him, will never do anything right for some. As I read recently, a lot of folks hate him because he’s black. But not the GOP. They hate him because he’s done his job better than they’ve done theirs. Even with one hand tied behind his back. But again, husband getting glassy-eyed stare…

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  3. Spot on. Thanks for saying it out load. And one more: do Supreme Court justices not get that if an employer can get out of following one law because of religious objections (in current case, filing a 2-page form *claiming* they object,) there’s no reason anyone shouldn’t be able to get out of anything because of religious objections? Where might it end? Anarchy, that’s where.


    1. Definitely. Funny how the religious objections seem to only work one way, isn’t it? But that also brings me right back to the old “how can you be opposed to both birth control AND abortion?” Do you really think punishing people by having unwanted children is going to stop people form having sex?? And how about the agnostics/atheists of the US unite and start for an anti-religion and then start filing lawsuits? But it’s early. Don’t get me going, my husband’s got that glassy-eyed look again…

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  4. If you make your bed, you’re welcome to sleep in it. As filled with grime as it is. Funny how that doesn’t seem to register, from a historical or current perspective. Finally, overdue cannibalization.


    1. Somehow the history is doomed to repeat itself seems to be lost on most of us, but this year, mostly the GOP. I can’t deny that I will happily dance on the grave of the GOP if they go down in flames this year, but not because I think Republicans are inherently evil, but because I think the current party has sold its soul to the devil. And like you say, they can go and lie in their bed of fire now.


  5. Oh can I get big fat A M E N! The whole PC thing, or what some people define it as, has spiraled out of control. The rant I heard the other day about checking muslims at all airports was so ridiculous it left me numb.
    Yesterday I went to work and there was a flag adorned pickup truck parked at the entrance with a sticker that said: This is my family with a picture of assault rifles in different sizes lined up …seriously now I live in a big city.
    Great job on nailing the insanity!


    1. I’m not sure how politically correct got wrapped into the fight against terrorism other than the fact that some people feel like they should be able to say (what they assume everyone else is thinking–wrongly): All Muslims are terrorists. There’s a big gaping hole in the middle of that sentiment that people are creating fanciful ladders and bridges to use to get across.

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  6. Yes I met a couple of your fellow countrymen at an ex-pat thing in Chile, proudly showing off their concealed weapons license and discussing how many guns they owned back in the ‘States. One of them called me a liberal. Is that an insult or not?

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  7. Enjoyed your post- the contents of which are pretty close to our standard coffee break talk at work.

    This is where my mind went with your statement on PC (which made me laugh/cry for several minutes)… People seem to be opposed to the phrase ‘politically correct’ in a away that suggests they are also opposed to the notion of ‘humanity’ and sometimes ‘intelligence’ as if these ideals were too unrealistic or phony.

    People can disagree with political correctness, especially extremes of PC behavior and speech. However, if people disagree with political correctness it doesn’t mean that being rude, crude or down right horrible is better or more honest.


    1. That’s where the disconnect begins. When did being kind and human become on par (in certain circles) with being weak? Are there times when PC goes overboard? Sure. People are different. It’s not wrong to acknowledge that people look different or act differently. But how can we go back to a time when we thought it was ok to treat people according to those differences? It boggles the mind at times.


  8. The state of this country frightens me. It’s scary to think that an ignorant racist like Trump can garner such a following. It’s scary that people are more worried about terrorism than the violence on our own streets perpetrated by our own citizens. It’s scary that people feel it’s their right to impose their religious beliefs onto others and try to legislate laws based on said beliefs. It’s just scary.


    1. You’re right. It is frightening. But I’m hoping there can be some healing, because obviously there is a tremendous amount of discontent in the US and even if I don’t agree, they are voice that need to be heard. But yeah, it’s really scary.


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