We, the People


lunch counterDo you hear it? It’s not the toll of the Liberty Bell. It’s not the sound of letting freedom ring. It’s the voice of We, the People.

Of all things I never expected this: an old-school sit-in. Reminiscent of 1960s lunch counters and college war protests. A superbly non-violent reaction to the violence which has been shredding the American way of life for the last two decades.

I have hoped, but my hope has wavered between doubt, frustration, and exasperation. But now? No matter if the US House Democrats achieve their goal today or next week or not until the next President is sworn in, it is this very thing, this old-school refusal to give up or give in which has restored my hope. And that hope has magnified the volume of  We, the People.

Forget the bombast and rhetoric and teleprompter bullshit spouted. Forget the cherry-picked platitudes and patronizing. Forget the meaningless thoughts and prayers, the unachievable, empty promises. THIS right here; a righteous old-fashioned protest of the people–or in this case, our elected officials. It is the turned up, bull-horned, microphoned voices of We, the People rising up which is the foundation of American greatness.

For the first time in my lifetime the elected Democrats of the House seem to be hearing the echo of the hands who pulled that lever, the ones who checked that box and cast that ballot. They seem to be listening: to the mothers, the victims, the survivors, the advocates. To the doctors and business leaders, the military experts, the gun-owners, the veterans, the police who have been saying for years ENOUGH is ENOUGH.

We, the People.

We, the people. Duped, lulled and shushed and lied to, bamboozled into believing in the impenetrability of a long ago written sentence, swindled into giving up hope.

We, the fed up, tired, exasperated people.


Enough watching our children die, of seeing our mothers gunned down, our young men slaughtered all in the name of an ambiguous abstract written two and a half centuries ago.

It is not the might of America that makes it great. It is not the army or our nuclear capacity. It is not our manufacturing or technology.

It is THIS. This very thing happening right now. It is We, the People finally beginning to be heard once again.

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  1. The cynic inside my head thinks this action has more to do with the upcoming elections than the will of the people, but either way, if it gets something done I’m all for it.


    1. Elyse says:

      It may very well be FOR the elections, among other things. But until we vote out of office the folks who are siding with the NRA over 6 year olds, the status quo will remain.

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    2. Dina Honour says:

      May well be, but if it gets the job done, it gets the job done.

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  2. Elyse says:

    Wasn’t it exciting? Inspirational. My 9.5 year old great niece, who is very interested in MLK, was visiting last night with her mom. I explained who John Lewis was, and what they were doing and why. She was fascinated to see in action what she had heard of.

    Me too.

    Obviously, they didn’t get their vote. But they took action, made history, made noise. And their stand will be remembered in town hall meetings between now and November and hopefully at the ballot box.

    John Lewis and Katherine Clark. What a combo!


    1. Dina Honour says:

      It was beyond exciting. It made me proud for the very first time in a long time to be an American. We need to keep that spirit alive between now and November.

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  3. Mariann Mohan says:



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