Dear Matt Walsh, Your Opinion On the Women’s March is Worthless

yertle-2Dear Matt Walsh and others,

Hear me loud, and hear me clear. When a woman, a group of women, several million women say “My experience as a woman is this” you don’t get to say with any merit “No, it’s not.”

It really is that simple. You are not a woman. You have never lived your life as a woman. You have never lived a life filtered through the lens of being female. Therefore it cancels out your opinion. It invalidates it. Have it, spout it, shout it from the rooftops if you like. It’s still worthless and invalid.

Yes, that’s right. I called your opinion worthless and invalid.

Do you think women factor in your mansplained opinions? Because frankly the very idea of that is laughable to me. We don’t factor them in. They have no space in our discussions, in our experience, in our drive to do better. You can have a thousand opinions. They carry no weight. They carry no legitimacy.

Let me say that again. There is no room for your male bullshit in our discussion as women.

Oh we want men there, we need men there, we want men to plan with us and demand with us. But those men are allies. They LISTEN. They know that they cannot possibly speak about the experience of being a woman, BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT A WOMAN.

Your Christian God has not given you the divine power to see into the minds of others, to live the lives of others.

Such a simple concept and yet one which seems so difficult for many to grasp.

Do you believe that a global march under the banner of women’s rights was a way for several million women to kill time between hair appointments? Do you think we are plotting to psychologically castrate the men in our lives (many of whom are our husbands and sons)? Do you think the end goal is to take over and treat men as abominably as men have treated women over the last few thousand years? Is that what you are afraid of?


What rights do men have, you ask? Let’s start with this: Men have the unspoken, unwritten right to be the standard by which everything in the world is measured. In this great dick-swinging game of life, men always get to roll first. Men have the right to do what they wish with their bodies. Imagine if we introduced mandatory vasectomies at puberty to help control the abortion and unplanned pregnancy rate–because that would actually work like a charm. In fact, I can’t come up with a single policy which would work better. Yet just imagine the uproar at the audacity of the government interfering with a man’s body without his consent. Hell, I’ve seen white men go apeshit on sarcastic memes about needing a wife’s consent for Viagra. God forbid someone police your misplaced erections.

(And for the record, I have no problem with health insurance covering prescriptions for Viagra. Do you know why? Because I cannot possibly know the psychological effects being unable to obtain, maintain, or enhance an erection has on the lives of men. Because I’m not a man. What I object to is the utter hypocrisy of using specious arguments about God’s will when it comes to reproduction. If it is God’s will for women to carry pregnancies to term, then surely it should follow that it is God’s will that so many men can’t get it up.)

You refer to a woman’s right to ‘kill her children’. Well, I think it’s about time that pro-choice women and men started using the phrase I hear so very much as a liberal whenever I point things out: It’s the law. If you don’t like it, you can go  live somewhere else.

Why don’t you trust women? Why don’t you and others like you trust women to make decisions about their bodies? If a woman is willing to risk death by coat hanger, or ordering dodgy drugs off the internet, put her life in the hands of a back-alley butcher, shouldn’t we take it seriously that she does not want to be a mother? I’ve delved time after time into what can be done to make it easier for women to have children, but for now I’ll just say this: Not all women should be mothers. The myth that all women will love a child once she brings it into the world is just that: a myth. And it’s a dangerous one. But, at the end of the day, you can call it whatever you like. For now, medicine, science and the law agree with women. Frankly, I think that’s what rankles people like you. The law sided with women on this one and you can’t quite get your male head around it.

You talk about the illegality of rape, but you fail to mention the dismal failure of the law to actually do it’s job when it comes to rape. Rape claims which go un or partially investigated, victims who are vilified and shamed, disbelieved, young white men who are convicted of sexual offenses who receive slaps on the wrist because their lives have been disrupted enough. Their lives mean more than the lives of the women they’ve violated. That’s not the law working for women, that is the law working against women. And the answer women receive at every turn? Well, women should do X, Y, and Z to avoid getting raped. How about using your moral high ground platform to teach men NOT TO RAPE?

Do you think women don’t report rape and sexual assault because it’s no big deal? Or can your wrap your head around the idea that women don’t report it because they fear the repercussions and have no faith in the system? If it’s the latter, do you think the problem is with women….or the system? Hell, it’s illegal in some states to carry an ice-cream cone in your pocket, but no one does a damn thing if you’re walking down Main Street with Ben & Jerry’s dripping down your ass. For many women, their experience of  the legal and judicial system when it comes to rape? It’s the same thing. They don’t do a damn thing.

But more than anything else, I think you’re a sanctimonious ass. You don’t get to preach on nigh from your Yertle the Turtle kingdom of white, heterosexual Christendom, the highest perch in all the land, and then tell the turtles at the bottom that the bones breaking in their backs aren’t really breaking–they only think they are (and, while they’re at it, shut up already, some turtles don’t even have jobs being the backbone of society–now go make me a sandwich. That’s the subtext of statements like that, and you know that).

dr-seuss-yertle-the-turtle-banned-booksYou don’t have the knowledge, the history, or the validity to explain our experiences as women to us. Because you’re not a woman. And you will never, ever know what it is like to be a woman. And here’s the thing: despite all of the above, despite being hated, despite draconian laws meant to literally kill us, despite being burned and raped and hindered and oppressed for all of time save the last hundred years, ALL of that, women possess a strength and a spirit you will never, ever have.

I’d venture to say that probably bothers people like you most of all.

65 thoughts on “Dear Matt Walsh, Your Opinion On the Women’s March is Worthless

Add yours

    1. Thanks. We have a lot of work to do, and frankly, there are too many good men on our side who are willing to help us do that work to give too much credence to opinions which hold no weight or bearing on the issues at hand. Let’s rock and roll.


  1. I was in D.C. Saturday. Traveled from Indiana and back. (My feeling about bus travel has lessened since this weekend; and I didn’t think that was possible.). No man has the right to pooh-pooh the March or have an opinion on why women marched. Until they’ve been asked if pregnancy or childcare will interfere with their job, sexually harassed at about every job they’ve ever held, expected to be the childcare/clean-up/note-taking person in situations where one’s professional expertise should be put to better use, called bitchy or bossy for being assertive, called butch for having short hair or wearing dark colors, … the list goes on, but you’ve covered a lot of it …their opinion is moot.

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    1. Good for you! I marched here in Copenhagen with my sons, it was a wonderful experience. There seems to be a whole group of people who simply don’t believe women are capable of recording or explaining their own experiences. Because it didn’t happen to them, or to anyone they know (that they know of), surely it’s all a myth. It’s difficult to acknowledge our complicity in systematic ‘ism’s, far easier to deny they exist in the first place I guess.


  2. Thanks. I’m glad this is the first thing I read this morning. I don’t know who Matt Walsh is or what he said/wrote, but I get a pretty good idea from your rebuttal. Last night I took someone to task for her superior attitude, scolding those with nasty mouths and “vagina” hats. Her word. She was commenting “in response” to a link a friend had added in facebook. There wasn’t anything in the linked column about nasty mouths or “vagina” hats. Though I wasn’t outright insulting to her, I was pretty firm in my views, and I went to bed feeling a little ambivalent about my comments. While I think there may have been better ways to deal with it, this morning I feel better about my words.

    btw, I did march on Saturday. I did not experience other people’s “nasty” mouths, as she said. And while I don’t love the word “pussy” or other euphemisms for body parts, I understand the pink hats as a way to take ownership of our bodies, which other people (men) have controlled for far too long.


    1. It’s my vagina and I’ll wear a vagina hat if I want to. That said, they weren’t vagina hats. They were pussy (cat) hats. But you should have asked her why it’s ok to vote for man who admits to liking to grab women by the vagina but it’s not ok for women to wear a vagina on their heads if they want to (even though it’s not a vagina). I object to someone using the word pussy to denote weakness more than anything else. My vagina is anything but weak. That thing is a miracle of biological technology! 😉


      1. I did say that if she voted for trump given all his public bad behavior, she has a pretty warped set of standards for people’s behavior. And she replied that she hadn’t said she voted for him. I agreed with her, she had not said that, but the point stands *if* she did. But really? Do you imagine she didn’t? 😉


      2. People are afraid of women who are unafraid. They always have been. They used to burn us. Now they try to shame us, but deep down, it’s a fear. And women are not immune to that fear. Imagine, a woman who is unafraid of her own body, unafraid of taking ownership of it, unafraid of co-opting the words meant to insult it–now multiply that by a few million. That’s a scary thing for a lot of people. For me? It’s the most gorgeous sight imaginable.


    1. Ok, so I looked up Matt Walsh, and my thought is that Matt’s opinions do not resonate with me, or with any man that I know. So why give him the recognition that he does not deserve? There are plenty of idiots out there, and some of them have computers and blogs. Doesn’t mean their bloviations are worth much mental energy to refute. But maybe I’m missing the finer points…


      1. Mostly I wrote it because I talked to several women who had great experiences at the Women’s March, who felt great about the positive energy moving forward, who were brought crashing down to Earth by the myriad of posts like his that were circulating the internet. So it was a act of sisterly solidarity, in writing. But also because he’s just an ass.

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  3. I hadn’t heard of him before this post, so I looked him up.

    Another man dealing with alternate-facts, IMHO. And yes, he is an ass. It’s the moniker of “comedian” that I disagree with. What an ass. Oh, did I mention that? That I too think he’s an ass?

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      1. Yes, I certainly got the ass part. And the frothing which was apparent with the first use of “vagina hats.” What an ass. I can’t stop repeating myself …


      2. I’ll join you. Ass, ass, ass, ass. Why are people so afraid of the word vagina? Vagina, vagina, vagina. They weren’t even vaginas. They had ears. Ass, ass, ass, ass, ass….


  4. Bravo, before I read this I was thinking that before a man should be able to voice an opinion or create a law about a woman’s body he should have to live for at least a month as a woman preferably a pregnant woman.


    1. Only a month? Which month? The month of worst morning sickness, or the month that suddenly no clothes (either maternity or “regular”) fit, or the month before the baby is born when every part of her hurts? Just joking with you. I totally agree. 🙂

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      1. And those that aren’t strong enough to try out pregnancy for a month can have their period and see how that feels. They label us as murderers for abortion – no matter the reason for choosing abortion – and pretend that it is a thing we decide on a whim. When it comes to family planning they want us to take the pill and don’t give a rat’s ass that it leads to depression, migraines, rashes or worse cancer. I am so glad that I only have male feminists in my family who support women’s rights incl. abortion and I was raised by a minister. It is funny how pro-life people always seem to wear blinkers and see the embryo and not the woman carrying it – is she not a life worth saving?


      2. In a word? No. It’s not. There is myth surrounding women who have abortions as latterly and uncaring. Their lives are worth less apparently, if anything at all.


      3. Looking at today’s news and what is going on in the world one can only feel a certain sense of despair as mankind seems to go 2 steps back for every step forward. They turn foreigners into second class citizens first (not just muslims which is already disgraceful enough, no, Polish and other EU citizens in England face discrimination on a daily basis since Brexit), go back to isolationism and hardcore nationalism and if we don’t watch out they will take all the rights women and other discriminated parts of society fought so hard for. Frustrating! Seeing that even some women, like T.M., take the same line like D.T. which borders on totalitarianism.


      4. That is because in a world of 7 billion people they are pro birth not pro life. From where I stand if they are pro life then they will be right there waiting to adopt that child when it is born and give it a good home. Instead there are thousand of children who need homes and you got people running around insisting that another child be brought into a world that is already over populated. It is like they shut out everything except this making sure the baby is born with no thoughts about life after that for the mother or the child.


      5. I hear you. I wrote an open letter to Paul Ryan once he announced they would be trying to defund Planned Parenthood about these very things. Most women cite financial inability to raise a child as one of main reasons for choosing to terminate a pregnancy. But no one is addressing how we can alleviate those financial burdens. Even people who causally throw out ‘adoption’ as a solution–what happens when a pregnant women with other children she supports is put on bed rest, and can’t work, who is going to support her and her family so that she can carry an unwanted or unviable pregnancy to term just to put a child up for adoption with no guarantee that child will be adopted? They don’t care. At all.


      6. Sometimes I feel like people are programmed to focus on one aspect of an issue. They quote extreme examples of the situation as their reason for their focus. They have complete tunnel vision to every thing except that one thing that they perceive as the reason someone wants to terminate a pregnancy. Or worse they are like the state representative who was against abortion, when ask why he thought a woman wuld want to terminate a pregnancy he said he had never really thought about it. Those are the people making the laws and insisting that they know what is best, the rest quote horror stories and fake facts to justify their stand on a situation that is between the woman and her body. I believe that if a woman has the support she needs to raise a child she is less likely to want to terminate a pregnancy I also believe it is her right to choose. But here is an idea if it is already a life then the father should begin paying child support from the moment of conception.


    2. As I said to someone earlier, everyone is entitled to an opinion, but some opinions carry far more weight than others. Say for instance, my opinion as to what it is like BEING a woman, as a woman carries more weight than some man’s opinion of what it must be like to be a woman.

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      1. Not necessarily, Edgar. But I agree wholeheartedly that some opinions carry more weight than others. For instance, while I may agree with a male who generally thinks along the same lines as I do, if it was a question of female experience, I would give more credence to the actual experiences of a woman–even if she was on opposite sides of the political spectrum. I have opinions on all sorts of things, but those who know more about it than me, those who study it, those who are experts–their opinions DO hold more weight. All opinions are not created equal. So therefore, when it comes to experiences as a woman, or why a woman would march or fight for rights or even just relay her experience, the opinion of a woman counts more. So not agreement, but actual immersion in what is being discussed counts a great deal.

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      2. Understood. My remarks here are intended to be respectful and honoring of your ideals and perspectives.

        An article in the Washington Times gave me another perspective from a woman’s point of view. Using your criterion, the remarks made are at least as weighty as your own, because they come from other women. (See jan/26/the-very-mixed-messages-from-an-unwelcoming-march/)

        The author of the above referenced article states from her perspective as a woman and mother, “I would have been embarrassed to have my five daughters exposed to the graphic and insulting language used by some of the speakers. And I was shocked to see women and girls proudly wearing their pink, cat-eared “pussy hats.” Do you imagine a men’s march would have included participants wearing their body part on their head? It’s insane. What should have been a march for all women was hijacked by a contingent of angry anti-feminists, obsessed with their body parts and less focused on respecting the woman as a whole being.”

        Another woman quoted in the article states, “As a pro-life feminist, I think it is important that there is inclusion, diversity and a broad spectrum of opinions [pro-life groups were evidently dis-invited] at the ‘Women’s March on Washington,’” said Stanton President BrandiSwindell. “The WMW has turned into a purely partisan political rally and march with no regard for hearing from or listening to all women’s voices. Shame on them for using the term ‘women’ to advance their political agenda.”


      3. Do I give weight to those opinions? Sure. I disagree with them–and some of them are misleading–such as the fact that anti-choice women were disallowed from the march. There was an anti-choice organization that was disallowed from participating in the organization of the march itself, but those women were more than welcome to march with others. Secondly, the pussy-earred hats were cats (that kind of pussy), a pun on the President’s tape calming to grab women by the pussy. All those pink hats? They were not vaginas (when was the last time anyone saw a vagina with ears?). Are women obsessed with their body parts? Sure thing. They’re being regulated and legislated. It is part and parcel of what women are fighting for. They are ours. We are proud of our bodies. Not ashamed of them. Yet we are constantly told to be.

        But to your point. Are there going to be diverse perspectives? Absolutely. As for what affect women, I am always going to give more weight to a woman’s view and experience over a man’s. So, while I might vehemently disagree with a woman’s opinion, I would give it more credence than a man’s (in this case).

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  5. I hadn’t heard of him before this rant either: You were so enraged, I presume, that you forgot to add a tad bit more context: Asshole indeed.

    Ask them this: Why don’t they stop the male abortions: evry time men masturbate and ‘spill their seed’ elsewhere but in the vagina, they’ve sinned in the eyes of God (Noah). Sperm is very much alive and considered the seed of life (biblical). I consider that abortion.


  6. Everything you wrote resonates so strongly. The men in congress care more about the 20 or so cells in an embryo than women who are actually alive and struggling. It isn’t pro-life and pro-choice it is anti-choice and pro-choice. When older white men will keep their noses out of a subject they literally know nothing about will be a day of rejoice. And what happens to the babies that are born to mothers who can’t take care of them? Without welfare that the republicans threaten to take away they can only end up in the streets, lost in the foster system or dead. People either can’t seem to understand that, or their need for power over women and their God complexes are stronger than common sense.


    1. Some men are terrified of women having power, of women being unafraid of them. They’ve kept women (and other minorities) in a place of dependence for a long time, right where they can control us. In a mere hundred years, we have taken the gains we’ve made and multiplied them, demanding even more as we go, because that is what we are owed, that is what we are due. We are not asking for MORE, we are asking for the SAME. And it’s terrifying for some. Control of our bodies is the ultimate form of control. Because without true freedom to make choices for ourselves, we will never be truly free.

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  7. Thought you might enjoy this…

    A Shameful Gathering of Men

    On Saturday, thousands of men descended on downtown, shirtless, with primitive paint on their faces and bodies, to celebrate violence. They wanted things too. They especially demanded to win, which was utterly ridiculous because they have won plenty of times in the past. Every aspect of masculine mythology was on display, but violence was the theme that tied it all together: violence on the field and of course, on smaller fields across the country, where our young men and boys suffer from concussions, head and neck injuries, and die. I just cannot take a gathering of men seriously that exults in an activity that endangers our children. How absurd that all these men painted their faces and bodies and adorned themselves in violence-supporting outfits. Whenever there was a call on the field they disagreed with, they yelled “F—k,” in such a disgusting, genitally obsessed way. Consider also the ugly behavior and speech of the players they so adored: players who regularly cuss at referees, sleep with prostitutes, abuse and rape women—and who knows what else. And let’s talk about the trash: beer cups, popcorn containers, and hot dog wrappers left all over the stadium for someone else to pick up, the slobs. When the game was over, they drunkenly assaulted random bystanders in the parking lot. But news anchors and journalists completely ignored the revolting, shameful, and utterly humiliating behavior of these men and instead were in a state of ecstasy over how “historic” this game was. In the end, normal human beings were left once again feeling embarrassed to be members of the human race, and I say this only as a woman. I can only imagine how ashamed I would be if I were a man, watching my fellow men hog the spotlight in the jumbo Tron with their crazed addiction. Selfishness, brutality, vulgarity, dishonesty — these are not masculine qualities. Real men do not celebrate violence or shout words that involve the activity of their penises like drunken perverts. No, real men are devoted to their families, work hard, play with their kids, and mow their lawns on Saturdays. What we saw this weekend was a betrayal of all that is masculine. Obviously, a certain number of men have bought into the lie. But it is a lie all the same. We should remember that.

    In case it is not already crystal clear, this is satire, rewritten directly from and using many of the same words found in Matt Walsh’s uninformed response to the Women’s March.

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  8. Your fixation w whiteness is a bit tiresome, identity politics looks to be over , the oppression olympics does not convince many to ally w your cause , even though I would like to be . It’s time for a new track other than reverse racism….


    1. I find it interesting that in a post about feminism you focused on racial issues. May I ask you a question? Are you a man? A white male? You see, I’ve found that identity politics are only not an issue when one’s civil liberties, bodily autonomy, and very existence aren’t under threat. When they are, ‘identity politics’ is the foundation of everything else. But anyway, I find that the ‘fixation with witness’ comment strange from this particular piece. Now, if you’ve been reading other work of mine, and you are talking about my work on the whole, it may make a bit more sense (and thanks for reading), but it’s odd to pull the term ‘fixation’ from this one piece. The patriarchal structure in most of the world, but certainly the US, is white, male, heterosexual and Christian. I’d hardly say that’s a fixation. It’s something I want to dismantle. Not to shove everyone to the bottom of the dung heap, just to have a truer representation of the real world making decisions that affect the real world. I’m also curious about your term ‘reverse racism’ in this context. I’m happy to discuss it with you more, but not under an anonymous comment tag.

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  9. Amen! Fantastic post. Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you. That’s the hard part about all this, and yeah, I agree with you on the Viagra thing. Some people think I think it shouldn’t be covered, but like you, I think wait, shouldn’t birth control be covered?

    That’s the thing that kills me with anti-choice people, that a life is being destroyed through abortion. Well, make birth control and condoms widely accessible, affordable, and easy to get. “But we think that’s against God’s plan.” You can’t have it both ways! Solution’s simple to me: make birth control easy to access and there will be NO NEED for abortion–duh!

    Too many “but”s in the conversation from then on–makes me crazy. These men are not women and don’t know what’s going on in their bodies or lives. I’ve never heard a woman insist she can speak for a man and his needs (outside of a sitcom or joke–told by a man!)


    1. There are so many things we can do to cut down on the number of abortions. As I saw recently and it stuck with me, banning abortions will not get rid of abortions, it will only get rid of safe abortions. But we have to address the reasons WHY women chose to abort. How can society make it easier, more affordable, more do-able for women to carry pregnancies to term. That and robust sex ed and access to birth control. The abortion rate is going down–not because there has been a mass change of heart, but because there are fewer pregnancies.


  10. O my God! This is the best thing I have read in like ages! This is so damn accurate ..i juts want to print this and put this on display..I mean such accurate thoughts! I just loveeedddd it !


  11. I am a Christian Pastor, I’m not pro abortion for myself but have helped and supported several close friends who have had abortions. The reason for this is just as you’ve said men can’t understand because they’re not women I wouldn’t assume I understand the complexities of another’s life. Great, thought provoking blog!


    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. That’s just it. We cannot begin to understand the decisions that women face when making these choices until we have been there ourselves–a situation men will never find themselves in. Biology is biology. But that doesn’t mean society cant’ evolve to make up for the imbalances of biology.


  12. He may be a man, whoever he is and he may be trying to do what he thinks is right for everyone. You seem rather irritated at him and I think you may need to just chill. I am a woman and I believe you are right about one thing not all women are cut out to be mothers. This is why there is adoption oh and also birth control! HELLO?!! If you don’t want a baby, close your dang legs!!! Just my opinion though… not being rude. We all have a right to our own opinion.


    1. We sure do, but as I’ve said, some opinions carry more weight than others. For instance, if you, as a woman found yourself in a situation where you were pregnant, than I would give your opinion about what to do with your body more weight than I would give a man’s opinion about what you should do with your body. I am irritated with him, and with others who demean and mock and belittle women when they have zero clue what it actually like to be a woman or to live like a woman. I consider that a form of oppression–and it irritates me.

      Yes, birth control exists, and the better birth control there is, the fewer abortions there are. The most recent statistics back that up (fewer abortions, but not more births, suggesting fewer women are finding themselves in situations where they need to make the choice in the first place). But, many women (51%) are using birth control and get pregnant anyway. Adoption is not an easy solution either. What happens if a women is too sick to work while pregnant, on bed rest, has complications and no or little health insurance. She is expected to suffer the financial consequences simply to carry a pregnancy to term to put it a child up for adoption? Who’s going to take care of her kids. What happens if there are complications? What happens when a woman has a child and can’t take care of it and it goes into the system? There are already thousands upon thousands of children in an overwhelmed foster care system that no one wants? We want to put another 500,000 a year in there (US performs about 900,000 abortions a year, though it’s going down). But and this is always my biggest question, why should a woman keep her legs shut? Why shouldn’t it be equally a man’s responsibility to keep it in his pants? We punish women for having sex but not men. Yes, biologically speaking, it is women who get pregnant, but there is no reason society cannot demand that men take equal social and financial responsibility and follow that though.

      You weren’t rude, btw. I think it’s good to have different opinions. Like I said, I am just going to give more credence to some over others.

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  13. We think alike. :0)
    I was always curious why the church (certain churches) feel so weirdly assertive about their views on what is ok or not, what is true or not, who should have the power… so many things. It seems more mentally ill than holy to me. Abortion is a very complex issue, who are you to say what is right and wrong? Who are you to say gay marriage is a sin? Why not gluttonous marriage? Lots of things are labeled a sin and not cracked down on, so why so hard on these particular issues. Why do they want more people born? Why do they want people to couple off into pairs that are physically capable of making more children? I also wondered where most of these kids that are given up for adoption end up – we all know about pedophilia in the church and human trafficking, is that where they really end up? Do they become future soldiers? Again not all churches are created equal, but it seems a good number of the more assertive ones are run by some really bad guys that do not value human life beyond how that life can serve their own twisted interests. Basically, what the actual f’ck is going on with this?? And shouldn’t they actually be trying to let liberals not make more kids so that we are out numbered? Also, how do we get more women to march to the swing states and vote form there?? 😉


    1. So many questions! ;-). Getting blue voters to the swing states would be great, wouldn’t it? For many reasons. I think diversity, when it spreads, does a lot to show people that differences aren’t as insurmountable as people seem to think they are. If you’ve never met a same-sex couple, it’s easy to think they’re the height of sin–but have a same-sex couple living down the road, you’ll probably see that there are no differences. About the church? Phew. Who knows. I understand the need for faith even though I don’t practice one, but I think is should remain a personal guiding principle. It has no place in the law.


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