Wine and Cheese (Definitions): Vacation Edition


As we get ready for summer vacation

Wine and Cheese (Doodles)

airport securityAirport Security (noun): Making sure that you have all possible necessities when traveling with small children including extra clothes, snacks, entertainment, fully charged electronics, first aid, Tylenol. And wine. As in: Remember that time Johnny threw up all over us right before take off?

Beating the Clock (verb):  The exasperating habit of males to make good time and beat the estimated time of arrival stated by the GPS, often at the expense of stopping for restroom breaks, car sickness or any non-catastrophic event which requires stopping the car. As in: Can’t you just wait until we get there? I’m making good time.

Bedphoria (noun): The immense sense of pleasure derived from sleeping in one’s own bed after a long absence. As in: I woke this morning with a sense of bedphoria. Bedphoria is usually immediately followed by Vacation Hangover

Excess Baggage Allowance (noun): The justification of the inevitable…

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