Johnny Come Lately


In which we discuss the concept of the Man Time Continuum.

Wine and Cheese (Doodles)

albert-einstein-post-card-3-B35466If the Big Bang theory and sci-fi get you raring to go, you are probably up to speed in dimensional theory.  Maybe string theory floats your boat.  Perhaps you used to have one of those posters of Albert Einstein hanging in your dorm room.  Or maybe, like my husband, you watch Nova as a soporific; sort of televised Ambien.  But don’t be fooled by PBS  or podcasts of Isaac Asmiov or the staccato suppositions of Stephen Hawking.  Because if time is the recognized 4th dimension, there is an additional dimensional addendum that sci-fi writers and astrophysicists don’t talk about.

In our house, we call it Man Time.

Man Time is a dimension unto itself.  An alternate reality that defies normal time.  Like string theory, or for those of us less scientifically inclined, a rubber band, Man Time is able to expand, stretch, bend and overlap.  Contrary to the popular…

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