These Are a Few of My (Least) Favorite Things…

least favorite thignsIf you need something written, I’m your woman. Seriously. Parody song lyrics? Done. A fairy-tale based around an international school with a theme of sustainability? Dusted. Funny, heart-felt, provocative, curse-filled? Tick, tick, tick.

Ask me to promote any of that?

Ugh. Hate it with a passion.

So I’m going to put all my self-promotion asking eggs in one basket. Right here. wine and cheese doodles

I’m closing in on 1000 followers on the blog’s Facebook page and would LOVE to reach that (arbitrary but for whatever reason, important) milestone. Help me reach more readers who want to laugh and cry their way through life with a menopausal expat feminist mother writer. I mean really, who wouldn’t want to do that?? Frankly, I’m surprised the NYT hasn’t been in touch already.

The link is here: Wine and Cheese (Doodles)

books and co 1Next up? If you or anyone you know is around Copenhagen next Tuesday afternoon, I’ll be taking part in World Book Day with nine other authors/writers/bloggers. Registration for the event has been low, and let me tell you, there is nothing worse than getting excited to share your work only to have no one to share it with. sad emojiPrepping a reading and imagining an empty room is the stuff of writer nightmares–like those dreams you have when you show up naked for class…

So if you’re around, register and come on out and support local writers!


book cover kindle resizedBook promotion time!

Through the end of June I’ve reduced the price of the paperback and Kindle versions of There’s Some Place Like Home, just in time for all those leaving parties expats schedule back to back on the back nine of their postings. If you’re looking for a fun gift, now’s your chance to get one on sale.

AND, on the blog’s Facebook page, I’m running a giveaway!

Write your name in the comments on the promotion link on the blog’s FB page, in the link to this post on the FB page, or even in the blog’s comment section below, and I’ll enter your name to receive a free, signed copy of There’s Some Place Like Home. Share the link on social media, tagging Wine and Cheese (Doodles) and I’ll put your name in twice! In May, I’ll draw a name and announce a winner. tea

Not your cup of tea? Tag a friend’s name who you think might enjoy it! Really, who doesn’t like a free book??

Almost done, promise…

If you’ve noticed less posting here on Wine and Cheese (Doodles), it’s for two reasons. One, I was finishing up work on novel #2 (now being shopped around, huzzah–are you looking to publish a speculative fiction book about gender roles? Get in touch!) and two, I’ve moved my political/feminist writing over to Medium. Take a look, follow me there, and feel free to shower those pieces with applause (the Medium version of “like”). If you write a great piece but no one likes it, does it really exist?

Yes, and they’re sitting there, waiting for some love….

Speaking of…

The time has come to start proactively pitching ideas and stories to broader publications. There are only so many wishes on a star a woman can make before she realizes she needs to get up off her ass and do something rather than bemoan the fact that in the great wide internet no one has come to find her, fairy godmothers be damned. So, to that end, if you, or someone you know, is a publisher or curator of the type of articles and think pieces you’ve come to know me for, hook a sister up. Send them my way. Send me their way. Just give me a way.

And finally…reviews. reviews

If you’ve read There’s Some Place Like Home and could find your way over to Amazon, or even Goodreads to leave a review, it would mean a lot. Not just in a touching way, but in an Amazon algorithm way. The more reviews a book has, the better chance the book has of popping up in one of those “For people who liked” searches. For first time or self-published authors, the boost is immeasurable.

So there you go, no raindrops on roses or even whiskers on kittens. Certainly, with hot flashes, I am not in need of warm woolen mittens.

No, instead, these are a few of my (least) favorite things.

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  1. ksbeth says:

    sounds like you are on a very positive roll!


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