Mozart Had a Sister


Mozart had a sister

who played as masterfully as he

but Nanneral was married off, a career cut short

because Ms. Mozart was a “she”


Ros Franklin spent her whole career

X-raying DNA

but Crick and Watson got the Prize

using all her work along the way


The French Queen never said that thing

about peasants eating cake

Antoinette’s place as Le Femme Villain?

A historical mistake


Katherine Johnson wrote the code

which sent men to the moon

But for forty years her name was hidden

In a sexist, racist tune


Sybil Ludington a war hero, never recognized

Nancy Wake’s name never comes up in all the talk of spies

Llamar, Lovelace, and Hypatia–get them in position

to list whenever comes says “Name a female mathematician”


Zenobia was a Syrian warrior queen

de Clisson wanted retribution

Esther Lederberg and Chien-Shiung Wu, 

Can you name their contribution?


Krasner gets buried under Pollock’s work

Hildegard of Bingen gets nary a mention

The women who’ve been creating art

Never seem to merit the same attention


So join me in the Month of March

Bring wit and curiosity

and I’ll highlight our achievements

And tell Women’s Her-story














Talk to me, Goose.

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