‘Twas The Week Fore Election

Twas mere weeks ’til election, when all through the land
The people were voting by mail and by hand;

The ballots were mounting in state after state
Cast after four years of interminable wait;

The voters were spilling out into the streets
With the tongue taste of 2016 still bittersweet;

And Kamala in her Chucks, and Liz with a plan
And Joe was us all with “would you shut up, man”;

When out in the Rose Garden there arose such a clatter,
A pant-suited Pelosi ran to see what was the matter;

A small group followed, a mask on each face
Keeping six feet apart and distanced apace;

The moon cast dark shadows on the vast White House lawn
Reminding us of all the nefarious shit going on;

When what to our wondering eyes should we see
But a tint-windowed, chauffeur-driven, black SUV;

The car screeched to a halt and a window came down
And out poked the hem of a sleeve of a gown;

And then onto the lawn emerged a figure so wee,
Was that…could it be… was that…Ruth Bader G?

She strode across the lawn, robes sweeping behind
Mumbling about Comey Barret and justice maligned;

And then the Rose Garden filled with a thick Brooklyn twang
As she brandished a gavel and called out by name;

“Now Hager, now Harrison, now Ossof and Kelly!
On Gideon, McGrath, Hickenlooper, and Espy!”

“To the Congress elect, to the chamber hall!
Now vote for them, vote for them, vote for them all!”

Then right up to our group, still six feet apart
She came and she stood, small hand on her heart;

She was dressed in her robes, a collar of lace
Her black-rimmed glasses taking up most her face;

A set of gold scales, well weathered and used
A sack full of law books, worn and perused;

Her countenance was worried, her mouth a straight line
And we knew, like her, things weren’t merry or fine;

But then, as we blinked at the icon before us
We heard the unmistakable sound of a chorus;

On the wind, in the night, the people in song
And the notorious RBG sagely nodded along;

Holding our breath, we looked for some sort of sign
And she held up all fingers but one: there were nine;

She touched the lace at her throat with a wink of an eye
And reminded us the time for change was nigh;

“GOTV, we’re almost down to the wire
To permanently extinguish this Trump dumpster fire.”

Then, black robes swishing, she turned half-away
“I’ve got some Senators to haunt before night turns to day.”

And raising her gavel high said “Don’t you dare try to bargain,
May you never forget the name Merrick Garland!”

Then, Ruth floated across the garden lawn so green
And we blinked twice to make sure of what we’d seen;

And we heard her exclaim as into the dark she went
“Remember your vote IS your dissent!”


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Ray V. says:

    Nicely written. As you can imagine, I don’t necessarily agree with the underlying theme because the Garland situation was completely different. President Obama didn’t have the Senate, but Trump does. As President Obama was known to say, “elections have consequence”. Never will that statement be more profound than next week, regardless of which side comes out as victor. Got your popcorn?


    1. WandC(D) says:

      I’ve got my Xanax, and that’s better than popcorn any day of the week…


  2. -N- says:

    This sez it all – and very well and witty at that.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Stacy says:

    Absolutely brilliant!


  4. Thanks for the laugh. Starting today, I’ll be drunk through Nov 4. And perhaps beyond.


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