M, N, O

M is from a piece of graffiti spotted in an ark at the edge of the city.  N is part of a name in the sand.  O is....welll....an original interpretation of the letter.


J, K, L

J is a piece of graffiti that appealed to me, part of the word "Jeg" which is the pronoun "I" in Danish.  K was a very kool neon sign snapped on the way home from super expensive pizza.  L was a labor of love from one of my boys who knew I was having trouble... Continue Reading →

G, H, I

D, E, F

It's been some time since I've posted any alphabet photos.  The whole family is in on the game now, and we are nearing completion. Some of those little buggers are elusive; finding a worthy G has proven troublesome.  Both my sons are budding photographers who point and click with a skill that only carelessness, complete... Continue Reading →

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