The Problem with All Lives Matter

I have numerous problems with the All Lives Matter counter-movement, but the biggest is the hypocrisy buried in those three words. You see, many--not all--but many of the folks who proclaim ALL lives matter mean exactly the opposite. They mean the lives they choose to encompass in their personal, cherry-picked version of ALL. Millions of Americans... Continue Reading →

Heart of Darkness

We had a discussion with a group of tweens and teens recently about why feminism still matters. "But shouldn't we be about equal-ism?" One of them piped up. I understood where she was coming from. After all, this generation of girls have been afforded the most freedom since Pagan goddesses ruled the stones. But she is... Continue Reading →

You Can’t Keep a Good Woman Down

There have been a few things gnawing at the edge of my consciousness lately. First the ever-present backlash against Hillary Clinton. I've been watching from behind my hand as she maintains a slippery grip on what seemed a surefire nomination--again. Then there is trying to make sense of the dialogue and anger directed at Beyoncé in response... Continue Reading →

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