A Day That Will Live in Infamy? Nah.

Happy National Cheese Doodles Day. I can’t believe I almost forgot! I’m off to grab a nice glass of red and a bowl of salty snacks.  Whatever your preferred indulgence is, enjoy!




Let Them Eat Cheese Doodles

March 5th is National Cheese Doodles Day!

An ode to that corniest of puff treats, that neon orange dust of deliciousness that doesn’t exist anywhere but processed cheese products (Kraft Mac n Cheese, I’m looking at you…you too Cheez Wiz).

We salute you, Cheese Doodles.  For a life without snack food that stains your fingers with a nuclear glow is a life not experienced to the fullest.

If you doubt how much happiness a processed snack food can bring, just witness the joy a bag of cheesy puffs brings to Alexander. (Thanks to Terri at Gallivance for bringing this to my attention)



p.s. March 5th also happens to be National Multiple Personality Day and National Absinthe Day.  Go figure.

Cheese Doodle

Ring in the New

May your year be filled with an abundance of the things that make you happy, whether they are a processed cheese-like product or not.  Happy New Year, 2014!