Nine Dads You’ll Meet at the Playground

Don't worry Moms, I wasn't going to let the Dads off the hook. My firstborn was a NYC kid until the age of four. Tiny apartments and no backyards = a lot of time spent in the playground. A LOT. Things didn't change much when we moved abroad. The playgrounds in Cyprus were dusty, the... Continue Reading →

After Enlightenment, the Laundry

The other day, as my eldest son interrupted my conversation for the 4,587th time by tapping me incessantly and repeatedly saying "Mom! Mom! MOM! MOM!!, I snapped. Just a little. Ok, ok, somewhere between a little and a lot. As I explained to him for the 4,586th time that not every single thought or action needs... Continue Reading →

I Just Sat Down! (And Other Examples of Parent’s Law)

On any given day, I spend what feels like ten hours a day in the kitchen. Washing, chopping, buttering, wiping, stirring and attempting not to burn myself with the torn oven mitt I keep meaning to replace. Organizing, folding, standing in front of the refrigerator trying to remember what it was I came to get. Whatever... Continue Reading →

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