Because You’re Worth It

This post was going to be about hair. Along the way it took a left turn and became, yet again, about aging. Another sharp turn to the left and it morphed into an idea about women and self perception. One more gentle, left leaning bend brought me to face to face with ideas of identity... Continue Reading →


The First Rule of Ex-Pat Club

Ex-pat postings are a bit like a revolving door; there's always someone coming, someone going, entering, exiting, getting stuck with their nose pressed against the glass with a look of horrified Oh-My-God-I've-Just-Made-The-Worst-Mistake-of-My-Life on their face.  Spinning around, sometimes missing the chance to jump out, sometimes escaping to the lobby for a few years of respite,... Continue Reading →

How to Make Friends and Influence People

Real friends will tell you when you've got a chin hair that needs plucking.  Or when you have spinach in your teeth.  Real friends will tell you when you're being stupid or ridiculous or over-analytical or when you are flogging an already dead and decaying horse.  Real friends will tell you to look on the... Continue Reading →

Traveling Circuses

Pack.  Unpack.  Repeat. As I prepare for yet another move, living among boxes and bubble wrap, it occurred to me that I've become very adept at packing.  And unpacking.  Not only are there the BIG moves, the ones involving shipping containers and lost-at-sea insurance premiums, but there are the little moves in between and lots... Continue Reading →

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