It Takes a Village

When Hilary Clinton published It Takes a Village back in 1996, it didn't make it onto my nightstand reading pile.  In 1996, I didn't have kids.  In 1996, I wasn't married.  In fact, in 1996 I hadn't even met my future husband.  In 1996, I was finishing my degree, had just moved to Brooklyn, and was... Continue Reading →


Til Death Do Us Part

Here's the thing about death.  All those quirks and faults and niggling little things about a person that make you want to throw up your hands in exasperation, all those hulking things that make you want to sob until you are salt emptied, all the things in between, the things that add up to life,... Continue Reading →

Fathers and Daughters

Today would have been my father's 68 birthday. Instead, it's another day on the calendar.  There are no cards to send, no phone calls to make, no need to juggle the time difference to make sure no one is too sleepy or having dinner or rushing to the phone in the middle of the night.... Continue Reading →

The Heartbreak Kid

When I was pregnant with my second son, I had all the normal worries that any mom of an only has.  Would my heart expand like all the books said it would?  Would my firstborn hate me forever?  Would we be pilfering our pension funds to pay therapy bills for the rest of our lives?... Continue Reading →

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