The Lion Queen

I spend a good deal of time watching women hack through the jungle of self-doubt with a dull, rusty machete. Scratch that. With a pair of cuticle trimmers. I'd like to say it's difficult trying to figure out why so many unbelievably smart, successful, frankly kick-ass women have trouble valuing their self-worth, except it's not,... Continue Reading →


The Irrational Anger of an Expat Spouse

I barked at my husband this morning. More than once. He didn't do anything. He hadn't said anything or implied anything. He was just reading his book. Yet I was angry at him because he was there. Sometimes as an expat spouse you find yourself in situations you have no control over. Most of the... Continue Reading →

This Woman’s Work

When my first son was a baby, just learning to goo and gaa and blow little baby raspberries, he would look at me all goo-goo eyed and say: "Dada" "Mama" I would say to him, making sure to enunciate. "Maaa-Maaaa". He would bobble his giant baby head and smile and say, yet again, "Dada". I'd... Continue Reading →

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