A Migrant By Any Other Name is an Expat

My family and I are migrants. More commonly we are referred to as expats. This is despite the fact that upon closer inspection, we actually meet the criteria of migrant workers more closely. Yet expat is how we identify ourselves as well as those we know. I suspect it has a lot to do with the... Continue Reading →


The Exception to the Rule

The one who cried rape just to get even The one who scammed welfare and lived like a king The one who had an abortion at 30 weeks because she changed her mind The one who claimed to be transgender to do some peeping Tom foolery The one who strapped on a suicide vest just because he was Muslim... Continue Reading →

We Can Be Mourners, Just for One Day

I never shared a table with David Bowie. I never shared a bed with him, or a caress, a smile or a conversation, or even a ride on an uptown train. I did not know him. And yet his death touches me. Not in the personal way of a dying parent or a close friend.... Continue Reading →

Splitting Hairs

I used to change my hair, as the saying goes, as often as I changed my underwear.  For almost a decade, I alternated between buzzing it to a grade 3 and wearing it long, with every awkward length in between.  Pixie cut, long, bangs, layered, bobbed.  Purple, multiple shades of red, black, and, for a... Continue Reading →

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