The New Colossus: Post Trump

Now stands the brazen giant of tee-vee fame Whose hate filled breath has poisoned our land Here at our walled and barricaded borders shall stand A mighty ego with hair as flame While the gilt and gilded letters of his name Trump. From his stumpy-fingered hand A raised finger of insult; his wild eyes command... Continue Reading →


There Once Was a Man From New York…

There once was a man from New York Whose antics of hate seemed to work He foamed and he spit A load of bullshit We need to find a REALLY YUUGE cork There once was a pasty white Hoosier Who fancied himself a bit of a bruiser It was quite plain to see By his... Continue Reading →

Pens and Swords

As proven once again this week, the sharp crack of gunfire and the rattling of sabers is no match for the sound of pencils and pens scratching ideas and ideals across parchment. Whether your power comes from word or picture, essay or cartoon, as the symbol of this week's tributes of solidarity have shown, the pen remains,... Continue Reading →

Love Poems are a Dime a Dozen

i write this blind no experience no background. write without the benefit of stanza verse or prozac. i write to you: a thousand words of poetic translation ultimate frustration. without bending or melting myself into color sound or feeling. without hiding behind pretty metaphors or white and glossy symbols. this is not a poem of... Continue Reading →

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