This is….Jeopardy!

So, what happens when you're faced with some re-writes and you've got a sick kid at home? Surely you put your foot to the floor and work your bunions off, right? Sure you do. It's amazing what you can find on the internet these days… It's more fun if you click the link to play,... Continue Reading →


Sanctioned Spitting and Other Summer Fun

I suppose I should be thankful. There were seven whole days of summer break when it seemed like my kids were getting along, hanging out with their summer friends, swimming, chasing each other around the back yards with Nerf guns, generally being loud and obnoxious and boy like. Perfect. Until yesterday. Someone didn't sleep enough,... Continue Reading →

Eyes Wide Shut

At a barbecue the other evening, a friend commented on how gentle and sweet my nine year-old was with her three year-old twins. I may have snorted. It's possible I rolled my eyes. I may have even started to debate the point with her, because after all, the only younger person I see him interact... Continue Reading →

The View From the Bottom Bunk

Today my second born, my baby boy, my fidgety ninja tornado of a son, turns six. Our whirlwind philosopher, our witty dervish, our baby who wasn't supposed to be. What was scheduled to be our final cycle of fertility treatment, the last hurrah, our last-ditch effort to expand our family, had been canceled for medical reasons.... Continue Reading →

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