Anatomy of a Wasted Day

6:45 a.m. Wake and slog through morning routine. Resist urge to read news while children are eating breakfast. Promise self a half-hour to do so upon return home when inevitable angst and rage will not affect children. Keep promise! Pat one’s self on the back. 9:10 a.m. Relish idea of well-earned, self-imposed half-hour of news and social media….

The Number You Have Reached Has Been Disconnected

The need, desire, demand for constant contact has caused us to move from the assumption of all being well unless we get a call to the assumption of everything is wrong unless we get a call. That’s a pretty seismic shift.

The Santa Clause

In a few months, my son turns eleven. Like most kids his age, he dreams of owning an iPhone. Unlike many kids his age, he doesn’t have one. No iPhone, no smartphone, no phone of any kind. But before you start to feel bad for him, don’t. He has a laptop, an iPad, access to the family’s…

Mixed Tapes and Other Things My Kids Will Never Know

Buried in a box in the cupboard, under notes and letters and other written breadcrumbs of our early relationship, is a mixed tape. I made it for my husband way back when. In those early butterfly days, I was striving to impress him more than anything else, but there is still a significance to each song,…