Toy Story

As my boys get older and their interests shift from matchbox cars vroomed on the carpet to computer games that make my head spin, it seemed only natural we'd start to clear and cull the clutter of toys which have defined our lives for the better part of twelve years. Digging through the crates of... Continue Reading →


Boy Talk

Pew! Pew! Pew! There was this creeper, Steve, pew! pew! Kksssshhhh Kksssshhhh Nnnnnnnnnn Share the light sabers! Mom! Mom! I want the Modulus Combat Rambo Destroyer of Empries What is that? A Nerf gun. So, you mod it, right? Where's the light saber? The double one? Did you check in the weapons box? (Oh my... Continue Reading →

Screw you, Sensei Wu (A Lego rant)

I think I'm a pretty decent mom.  I'm not perfect, but neither is Laurie Berkner, and she sings Victor Vito, and anyone who can fit the words rutabaga, tabasco, and Alaska in the same chorus is pretty damn close to perfect in my book.  Sure, I yell at my kids from time to time, but... Continue Reading →

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