The one where I try to prove I have not just been sitting around eating bonbons and drinking champagne

What with Christmas tableaux and pantos and recycling wrapping paper, I’ve been unable to update with a written piece over the holidays.  But rest assured!  In between stomaching the sprouts and trying to squeeze everything into the luggage, I have been steadily working on various projects.  Below are a few photographs to go with the current alphabet photography project (others can be seen under the tag of Alphabet Soup at the top of the blog page) and a new knitting first hat.  A bitch of a stitch, but there you go, it’s done.  Since I’m the only female in the immediate family and it’s bubble-gum pink, I guess it’s for me.  In addition, I also tried my hand at some home-made cards for the holidays.

Will be updating soon, until then–let this be the proof in the Christmas pudding that I’m not just a lazy lay-about.  Uh huh.  Sure.

2012-12-18 13.49.14
2012-12-18 13.51.38
2012-12-18 13.50.42
2012-12-18 13.49.36
2012-12-18 13.49.57
2012-12-18 13.50.11
2012-12-18 13.51.51
O Holy Night
Bubble gum
Daisy Stitch

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  1. lexborgia says:

    ‘A bitch of a stitch’- that’s cool, I like the sound of that..


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