And These, Thy Gifts

Today I am thankful for having the courage to choose the right paths, even if they aren’t always the easiest. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Wine and Cheese (Doodles)

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Much to the eternal and sometimes vocal dismay of my Catholic Nana, I do not kneel and pray to a recognized God.  To the sometimes obvious but never stated disappointment of my mother, I do not attend regular services or partake of sacraments or place all the eggs of my faith in one basket.  To my own sorrow at times, I do not carry in my heart the power that comes from belief.  Yet despite all of this, I would not hesitate for a moment to say I am blessed.  Whether it is God, the gods, Mother Earth, the universe or simply the union of souls which surrounds me, I am indeed, most blessed.

More often than not, I fail spectacularly at realizing the extent of my blessings.  I get caught up in the everyday, in the rush of not being able to find my keys in the…

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