Apology Not Accepted

trump-1Warning: Explicit language below

I woke this morning to the news of (yet another) Trump scandal. Despite the nastiness he’s been spewing about women on the record for the last 18 months, it took the nastiness he said off the record ten years ago to finally get Donny to apologize. Sort of. Not only him, but many members of his party.

The problem is, it’s not just too little too late, it’s a lot too little, a lot too late.

So sorry, Mr. Trump, your apology is not accepted. Sorry senators and chairpersons and those of you so utterly desperate to garner votes or toe the party line that you’ve sat by like a bunch of wimps and let this person walk all over your human-ness. Your apologies are not accepted either. 

Hey, Reince Priebus, guess what? Women have been telling you for two goddamn years that no woman should be referred to in this way, but your half-apology holds no water with me. This from the man who watched as Roger Ailes, a man accused of sexual harassment, multiple times, was hired to consult on a Presidential campaign.

Your limp, “No woman should ever be described in these terms or talked about in this manner. Ever,” apology sucks. As if you didn’t know how women are described? How the hell do you think men like Trump and others describe women? 

Yo, Paul Ryan! Asking Donald Trump not to attend your rally? Too little, too late. And screw you, women don’t need to be ‘championed and revered’. We need to be treated like fucking equals.

Even when you’re apologizing you still don’t get it.

Your apologies are not enough. Do you know why? Because they mean nothing. They mean nothing because none of you have a single plan in place to change this kind of systematic sexist bullshit backroom behavior from happening.

Instead of making boardrooms and Congress and life a more equitable place for women, your plans serve only to get women out of  the boardroom and Congress all together so you can back to your cigar-smoking, back-room dealing, grab-some-pussy ways.

Women have been screaming about this crap for years. The overt and covert harassment and systematic, excused sexism that runs rampant through industry, politics, life. We’ve been talking and screaming and trying to fix it and you just send us off with a pat on the head telling us that women in Saudi Arabia can’t drive or that we need to get our priorities straight. We’ve been documenting it, recording it, writing about it, singing about it for years and what do you do?

You go and hire the very people who have done us harm to run your campaigns. Or run for president.


All of that and you still have no plan to do anything to change the dynamic. You have no policy that is going to do anything at all to help women. NOT ONE. 

So that’s why your bullshit apologies don’t mean anything to me. You’re not sorry, you’re only sorry because Donald Trump got caught. You’re only sorry because it might influence your elections. If you were truly sorry, you would have distanced yourself from your crass, spray-tanned, clownish charlatan eighteen months ago. But no.

Perhaps it’s your deep-rooted fear of a pussy which is responsible for making us endure this buffoonish, disgusting, and yes, deplorable behavior from a PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE. Not only that, but his “spectacular role-model” behavior has given legitimacy to large chunks of Americans who feel free to spew their own crass bullshit at the other PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE. Not because she tries to ‘grab some pussy’, but because she is in possession of one.

cat-sorrySo take your half-assed apology and shove it up half your ass. My eight year old has better sense and manners than the lot of you

You don’t need to grow balls. You’ve got plenty of those between you and you still screw it up. What you need to do is grow a pussy.

This one knows who her vote will be cast for in a few weeks.

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  1. What strikes me as kind of sad about this whole thing is that this is our culture, this is the way some men talk behind closed doors, this is what is in our music lyrics, this kind of stuff is not an aberration, it’s not a bug, it’s a feature. So,while there are certainly a whole lot of good men out there who don’t perceive women like this, far too many are simply virtue signaling, feigning outrage as if they’ve never heard such language, never thought it themselves. Trump didn’t just spring up in a vaccum, he is us, he is our darkness drug out into the sunlight. That has the potential to be very positive, to get people talking, taking a stand about what they believe in.


    1. Dina Honour says:

      That’s just it. This is not just him, this kind of back-room talk is the accepted norm. They’re just pissed that it has come out in the open. But, I don’t want apologies. I want action. I want them to tell me exactly what their party is going to do to stop the virtue signaling and fix things. (That was very poetic language in your comment by the way. I hope that it is a premonition as well as poetic.)

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  2. Righteous rant. This isn’t new. It isn’t surprising. It is trump and they’ve known that all along, and they’ve accepted it and gone along with it and even endorsed the fucker. Which means they endorse his views and his words and his behavior. YOU CANNOT SEPARATE THOSE. It’s too late to back out now, and claim that somehow he finally went over some imaginary line. He went over the line, in the presidential race, when he announced his candidacy and said despicable things about Mexicans. THAT was the day he should have been renounced.

    And this: “And screw you, women don’t need to be ‘championed and revered’. We need to be treated like fucking equals.” I was trying to articulate my sense of offense at the declarations of alarm by republican males yesterday. HE IS TALKING ABOUT SEXUAL ASSAULT. And that is just as outrageous regardless of the target. Violence is violence and is not acceptable. I don’t need to be protected because I am a woman. I need to be protected because I am human.

    holy mother of god.


    1. Dina Honour says:

      That is a beautiful righteous rant right there. We need to shut this shit down.

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  3. Reblogged this on buildingapoem and commented:
    Thank you, Dina Honour, for saying what we are all thinking!


    1. Dina Honour says:

      Sorry I had to say it with so many four letter words. But then again, if it’s good enough for a Presidential candidate, it’s good enough for the rest of us, right?

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      1. I am pretty sure it is only good enough if you’re a boy. Maybe girls need to say these things more often, so that they start to hear us.


      2. Dina Honour says:

        Holy shit, I’m going hoarse over here–but I’m not dead, so I’ll keep screaming.

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  4. And it just keeps coming…

    When pressed in 2005 as to whether he’d ever had sex with contestants in the Miss Universe contest, which he owned, and whether it might pose a conflict of interest, Trump replied: “It could be a conflict of interest, but, you know, it’s the kind of thing you worry about later. You tend to think about the conflict a little later on. . . . What you could say is that, as the owner of the pageant, it’s your obligation to do that.”




    1. Dina Honour says:

      The sad part to me is not that he says/has said/will continue to say these kind of things, because we all know he is capable of these things. The thing that makes me most angry is that those people who publicly support him (the political arm) knew and NOW expect us to believe them that they are sorry. Bullshit. That’s what makes me the angriest!


  5. Locker room talk? I’ve been in lots of locker rooms, this isn’t what men talk about. This is what a clueless 13 year-old thinks men talk about. I watched the last debate completely flummoxed. How did this clown reach the final round? Really, this is the best we can do?
    The bigger issue, to me, is what this says about the people of the United States. We need a bigger basket of deplorable​s.


    1. Dina Honour says:

      I read the transcript and honestly, as I said elsewhere it was like trying to read an essay written by a 6 y/o with ADHD. I think perhaps we need to start with a complete overhaul of the education system. Because there seem to be a lot of folks that don’t know anything about the way the government works, civics, history, or the ability to research and tell the difference between fact and belief.

      I do believe the dumbing down of America is complete. We can get rid of the present participle. It’s now “Dumbed”.


  6. aviets says:

    Thanks for directing me to this post – I’ve missed a lot of my blog reading recently.

    One thought that has occurred to me in all THIS: I’m reminded of the furor over Janet Jackson’s bared nipple at the Super Bowl performance. All concern was focused on a woman being naked (and blamed for it), rather than the act of violence perpetrated by JT. The problem should NOT have been that she has a nipple; the problem should be that a man violated her. Now the problem is NOT that someone said “pussy;” the problem is the glorification of violent assault and the acceptance of it by a large swath of people.


    1. Dina Honour says:

      Have I told you recently how much I’ve enjoyed watching your righteousness grow over the past year. It’s been a real gift to me. I mean that sincerely. I’ve been watching and reading as you found your voice, and you’ve found a sweet soprano. Keep using it. Keep roaring with it. D

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      1. aviets says:

        Thank you. That means a great deal coming from someone I respect so much.


      2. Dina Honour says:

        The feeling is mutual.


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