We Should All Be Weeping

If I had a daughter, I would want her to be little like Emma Gonzalez. Or perhaps a lot like her. There are a hundred reasons. There is her buzz cut for starters. As a woman who used to shave her head I promise you, bringing a set of clippers to your scalp is a... Continue Reading →


Best of Men and Best of Husbands

Occasionally people ask me if I hate men. Playing a feminist version of the old "Bloody Mary" game of slumber parties past, I've stood with eyes squeezed shut and asked a mirror the same question. "Do I hate men?" "Do I hate men?" "Do I hate men?" When I've opened my eyes, the answer is... Continue Reading →

20 Minutes of Action

Dear boys, I do my best. As a feminist raising boys, I go out of my way to have an open and ongoing dialogue with you about differences, about gender and as you get older, about sex and consent. But I can't change biology. And I can't single-handedly change the world we live in and... Continue Reading →

Boy Talk

Pew! Pew! Pew! There was this creeper, Steve, pew! pew! Kksssshhhh Kksssshhhh Nnnnnnnnnn Share the light sabers! Mom! Mom! I want the Modulus Combat Rambo Destroyer of Empries What is that? A Nerf gun. So, you mod it, right? Where's the light saber? The double one? Did you check in the weapons box? (Oh my... Continue Reading →

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